MS Made Simple is very powerful, but rather little-known tool for editing websites. This platform combines a simple construction and great intuitiveness with high usability and ease of use. Additionally, it allows for easy expansion, extending the system with many new features. Everything mentioned combined together makes Made Simple a perfect choice for small and medium businesses web pages.

The main idea during creation of the system was to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. Most of content management systems, although certainly having some advantages, is quite "heavy" in reception:  they have too many unneeded options or require too much of user action to perform simple tasks, which quickly overwhelms and discourages potential user. Made Simple is diffrent. It was written on the basis of experience gained from other systems and avoid vast majority of their errors and mistakes. Admin panel is intuitive and the options are well grouped. Advanced elements are separated from those commonly used, and are not conspicuous, what result in user not feeling overwhelmed. Editing content is really trivial, editor is confusingly similar to Microsoft's Word what allows any person with basic computer knowledge to easly handle it as well.

Made Simple was created for small and medium-sized websites, but thanks to many additional plug-ins and good scalability, building even a huge portal is not a problem. This system also has a constantly growing community that has developed over the last few years hundreds of additions, greatly extending its functionality. It is also well optimized for search engines, which facilitates positioning.

CMS Made Simple is recommended for people with no or very little knowledge and computer skills. There is no programming knowledge required, even for such  advanced actions as inserting a link, ordered list, image or table. Very simple in use editor and user-friendly interface will make a web edition a pleasure, not a duty.


  • extremely simple structure,
  • user-friendly interface (look),
  • great intuitivness,
  • ease of use,
  • easy in handling content editor, confusingly similar to Microsoft's Word,
  • multitude of additional features and enhancements,
  • expantion possibility of the missing functionality at any time,
  • good code optimization for SEO,
  • ease of implementation "friendly URLs"

One of the most intiutive and simpliest in handling content mangement system (CMS). Simple construction, well-designed placement of most important options combined with hiding all unneeded elements make that CMS Made Simple is perfect choice even for novices in the internet world.

OpenCart is a very popular in Poland, one of the easiest-to-use e-commerce system. A very large number of additional plug-ins, good performance, and simple management make it an interesting choice for those who want to open their own online store.

OsCommerce is one of the oldest and most-known e-commerce platforms. Basing on it, eMarket software has been developed. It is modern, safe, tested and very simple in use tool for internet selling management that will allow You to begin with Your own e-shop.

WordPress is an internet platform that allows fast and easy content publishing on the websites. Initially, it was designed for internet blogs, but with time it's capabilites started to grow. Currently, it has a lot of expanded functions that allow use of WordPress in terms of typical CMS platform.