or business solutions to be effective, their require a technical background. We understand that well and therefore we are able to offer You both the variety of dedicated applications and enhanced functionality as well as technical support.

A dedicated application is a program, or its extension, which has particular feature. The needs of most people in the internet services market are almost identical, so in order not to "reinvent the wheel all over again", a number of frameworks (skeleton of solutions) has been made. They just need to be adjusted. Sometimes however, there is a need for solution that greatly exceeds current standards. This is a dedicated application - a solution created for a particular function. Example of it could be an extensive system of reservation and renting a car, deployed as part of website for a company, which specializes in renting cars.

As a company we specialize in preparation and implementation of dedicated web applications greatly extending possibilites of web sites and portals. We put great effort into making them functional and intuitive to use, assuming that the most important rule is "not to bother" user more than it's needed. Friendliness is our main priority. We focus mostly on matching precise solutions we make to the individual needs of customers. That is why our applications are always "tailor-made". We also do our best to make them adequately protected, which allows us to give you the guarantee of their quality and effectivness.

We may offer You:

  • reservation systems for renting vehicles, hotels, meeting rooms, etc,
  • task calendars,
  • systems of employee structure management in the company,
  • complex, multilevel multimedia presentation systems, galleries, etc

Along with high-quality business solutions we provide comprehensive technical support. We can supply professional assistance and traning for our products. Additionally, it is possible to expand existing applications so that they better meet Your needs, at any time.


  • comprehensive interview, which will allow us to determine how the application will help you solve Your problems,
  • transparent and intuitive user interface (UI),
  • great ease of use,
  • expanded functionality,
  • high quality,
  • expert counseling,
  • professional technical support,
  • a bit of humor and distance to oursevles, so necessary in every field of life


One of the most intiutive and simpliest in handling content mangement system (CMS). Simple construction, well-designed placement of most important options combined with hiding all unneeded elements make that CMS Made Simple is perfect choice even for novices in the internet world.

OpenCart is a very popular in Poland, one of the easiest-to-use e-commerce system. A very large number of additional plug-ins, good performance, and simple management make it an interesting choice for those who want to open their own online store.

OsCommerce is one of the oldest and most-known e-commerce platforms. Basing on it, eMarket software has been developed. It is modern, safe, tested and very simple in use tool for internet selling management that will allow You to begin with Your own e-shop.

WordPress is an internet platform that allows fast and easy content publishing on the websites. Initially, it was designed for internet blogs, but with time it's capabilites started to grow. Currently, it has a lot of expanded functions that allow use of WordPress in terms of typical CMS platform.