commerce on the internet is an area that requires extensive knowledge, proficiency in use of technical solutions as well as good knowledge of specific tools. Only all of these features combined together can provide a solid foundation for success. E-commerce is now one of the fastest growing areas of the world's economy. It is not hard to guess that this market segment will continue to grow, and those who enters into it right now will reach measurable benefits.

Having an online store offers great opportunities. Firstly, such store is opened 24 hours, 7days a week. All You need is internet access. Secondly, selling scope at internet store is few hundred or even thousand % bigger than at traditional shops. Thirdly, conducting business on the internet, You can gradually give up your traditional operations what leads to costs reduction. Even only these three factors are much more than enough for everyone to get interested in e-commerce solutions, however these are not all benefits. E-commerce system means ease of use and user-friendliness, great comfort, saving time, and consequently, money.

Our agency understands these issues and can therefore offer You a complete solution, based on cost-effective and efficient Open Source platform - osCommerce. Projects of our online stores characterize by high functionality. We also provide remarkable layouts, beautiful for the eyes. We place great emphasis on ease of use, orders processing and optimization for SEO as well as integration with important tools (payment systems, prices comparing tools). Implementing projects, we focus each time on personalized needs of end clients. Only such approach provides a real attachement and results into an increase in Your profits.

Why Open Source solution, not a dedicated system? Everyone probably heard the sentence: "if you cano not see the diffrence, why to overpay?". It fits perfectly here, because well-designed and implemented Open Source solutions aren't actually worse in any matter than dedicated systems, but they are much cheaper. Their pretty bad reputation is caused mainly due to the fact that too often they are offered by companies, which do not have adequate knowledge and experience what may result in many problems. Our programmers have gained great experience in eMarket, a system proposed by us, during their professional career implementing many projects. Therefore, we can give you a full guarantee that our implementation will be done professionally and solid, while it will be much cheaper than dedicated solutions.


  • cheap and efficient online store with many powerful modules,
  • very easy to use management system,
  • integration with add-ons (payment systems, prices comparing tools),
  • interesting and individually chosen graphic design,
  • professional implementation, ensuring quality and safety,
  • expert counseling,
  • free technical support for 30 days after completion of the project,
  • a bit of humor and distance to oursevles, so necessary in every field of life


One of the most intiutive and simpliest in handling content mangement system (CMS). Simple construction, well-designed placement of most important options combined with hiding all unneeded elements make that CMS Made Simple is perfect choice even for novices in the internet world.

OpenCart is a very popular in Poland, one of the easiest-to-use e-commerce system. A very large number of additional plug-ins, good performance, and simple management make it an interesting choice for those who want to open their own online store.

OsCommerce is one of the oldest and most-known e-commerce platforms. Basing on it, eMarket software has been developed. It is modern, safe, tested and very simple in use tool for internet selling management that will allow You to begin with Your own e-shop.

WordPress is an internet platform that allows fast and easy content publishing on the websites. Initially, it was designed for internet blogs, but with time it's capabilites started to grow. Currently, it has a lot of expanded functions that allow use of WordPress in terms of typical CMS platform.